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Banking Technology, Technological Learning And Competition: Comparative Case Studies In Thai Banking

Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat
Published 2005 · Economics

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Summary This paper focuses on the five major commercial banks in Thailand (Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Thai Farmers Bank (Kasikorn Bank), Krung Thai Bank and Bank of Ayudhya) with regard to strategies in competition in the banking industry. The paper analyses strategy and the adoption of technology against progress of the banking economy. Over the past few decades, the Thai banking structure has changed from mass automation towards smart automation. Improvements in information and communications technology enable the banking community to launch new types of financial services like electronic banking services and mobile banking services. The study explores the ways the banks improve their technological capabilities (their technological learning process to improve the technological capabilities) and the use of technology strategy in the banking sector. The results show that technological innovation in the banking sector of Thailand is not revolutionary but evolutionary.
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