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Heat Stress Alters Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Photosynthesis And Antioxidative Enzyme Activities In Wheat Cultivars -

M. S. Haque, Ummea Tanjima, D. Sushmoy, Akm Hossain
Published 2019 · Biology

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Heat stress becomes one of the most limiting factors to crop growth and yield. To investigate the impact of heat stress on physiological and biochemical responses in wheat cultivars, a pot experiment was conducted in the Depart- ment of Crop Botany, Bangladesh Agricultural University in Mymensingh, during November 2016 to March 2017. The experiment was laid out in a two factorial CRD design with three replications. The factors were (i) four wheat cultivars (BARI GOM-25, BARI GOM-26, BARI GOM-27 and BARI GOM-28) and (ii) heat stress (control and heat). The heat stress (38/25 °C day/night) was imposed to the wheat plants for three days at early grain filling stage in a climate chamber. The control plants were remained in the field at around 20−25 °C. Heat stress declined the leaf greenness (SPAD), the maximum photochemical efficiency of PSII (Fv/Fm), photosynthesis rate (A) and grain weight in all the cultivars in comparison to control. The leaf greenness (SPAD) and Fv/Fm were declined with the progress of heat stress treatment in all four cultivars. In both cases, lowest reduction was observed in BARI GOM-28 whereas, the highest reduction in SPAD and Fv/Fm were observed in BARI GOM-26 and BARI GOM-27, respectively. The percent reductions in photosynthesis and grain weight were significantly higher in BARI GOM-28 in comparison to other cultivars. Increased activities of catalase, peroxidase and ascorbate peroxidase enzymes were observed under heat stress in all four cultivars. Therefore, it may be concluded that the cultivar BARI GOM-28 showed more tolerance to heat stress than the other cultivars based on the measured physiological and biochemical traits.
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