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Have you been looking and waiting for a Citavi alternative? Or a non-Chegg owned entity? We can help make the search easier!
Frustrated with the citation/bibliography generators out there?
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We did the research for you so you don’t have to. So what is the difference between all the citation generators available out there? Which is the best option for you? The one that will suit you the best?

We created a comprehensive chart below on why you might want to use Citationsy or not. Don't worry, no matter what you choose, there will be no hard feelings. We at Citationsy believe that transparency is key. We want the best for you, and in that we might not be able to provide you with some specific things you need. In that, we support your decisions to use Citavi or another alternative. We just ask that you keep us in mind. Thank you

Citationsy vs Citavi
Citationsy Citavi
Reference Management
Supports multiple citation formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and more Yes Yes
Friendly, modern, comprehensive, and aesthetically pleasing interface Yes No
Ad Free! Yes, you read that right. Yes Yes
Saves your references with your own personal account for free Yes No
Saves you time with automated citing and managing Yes Yes
iPhone and iPad App Yes No
Android App Yes No
Barcode Scanning function in app to quickly scan books Yes No
Web App Yes No
Mac OS App Yes No
Windows App No Yes
Chrome Extension Yes No
Firefox Add-On Yes Yes
Edge Extension Yes No
Safari Bookmarklet Yes No
Connection and Learning
Consistent feedback and support for users Yes Yes
Helpful resources to learn more about citation and bibliographies
Yes Yes
Community and user oriented Yes No
Individualized and independent. Non-Chegg owned! Yes Yes
Ease in Navigation
Access your saved work wherever you are on multiple devices for free Yes No
Allows you to better organize and categorize your references Yes Yes
Import and Export into various platforms Yes Yes
Nothing to install, update, or patch. Yes No
Won’t have to deal with software bugs and crashes where you lose your work Yes No
Does not require valuable learning or adapting time to the functions of the generator Yes No
You are here already! Let's just get started! Yes
We created these comparison charts to help students, professors, librarians, and educators make an informed decision on what reference generator is best suited to their needs. If we made an error in this chart, or forgot to mention something, please email us and we will fix it.

Citavi is a desktop application that allows you to download the software onto your computer storage space and more for heavy duty management of research projects and papers.
Think of it as for those who have the time and money to invest and learn about the software before getting into the flow of their work.

The couple of things that Citavi can provide for you that Citationsy can not:

– Supports various languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
– Metadata Retrieval which is data that gives you ability to explore and view other sets of data
– Stored bank of references and libraries directly to your computer storage space
– Ability to add notes and annotations to attached pdf files to your references

If you want to learn more about us or if you still haven't found what you are looking for, see our FAQ below!

Referencing for people
who value simplicity,
privacy, and speed.

Citationsy is a reference manager that lives in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere. Use our iPhone and Android apps to cite books on the go with our barcode scanner and add the Chrome or Firefox extensions to cite websites in 2 clicks. Your citations are saved in the cloud and backed up every 10 minutes. Never worry about file formats, data loss, or updates ever again.
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Citationsy vs Citavi — Frequently Asked Questions

What is a citation/bibliography generator?
It is a reference tool, meaning it is a tool that helps make project management and your work referencing or works cited pages easier. For any kind of writing purposes you have such as reports, research papers/essays, and more. It is an essential part of any essay and writing help you might need.
Are citation/bibliography generators free to use?
While we can’t speak for other generators on the web, we can say that Citationsy has many great features for non-paying users as well as our paying users. For more about our plans visit our Pricing page!
Why do we have to cite our work?
Whether you are a middle to high school student or a college/university student attending online classes or in-person classes, or even a veteran researcher in your field, it is vital to give credit, or cross reference all the evidence and support used for your proposals and ideas. This is usually all shown in your annotated bibliography or your works cited page.
Here at Citationsy, we have made this important task quick, simple, and easy. Get your work done at record speed!
Does Citationsy support BibTeX and LaTeX?
Yes! Citationsy supports importing and exporting your references in BibTeX/LaTeX format. We also support importing and exporting to a variety of other platforms as well such as Word and more.
What citation formats does Citationsy support?
Citationsy supports more than 8000 citation formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and more for all your writing purposes.
Are there ad-free citation generators out there?
Yes! Luckily, you are already at one! Citationsy is completely Ad Free! Get started on your work without distractions and computer lags.
Why do I have to create an account to begin referencing?
Not only does your account help us here at Citationsy to improve services, like our automated citing, to users like you, but it also allows users to save all their references for an unlimited time and allows users to access their saved work wherever they are on multiple devices for free! It’s a win-win.
Can I work on my citations and bibliography on my mobile phone?
We can’t speak for other generators on the web, but we can say that Citationsy has many great features on our mobile app such as a wonderful Barcode Scanning function to quickly scan book sources. Download our app for Apple or Android today!
Does Citationsy have plug-ins and add-ons?
Yes! What makes us standout from the crowd is that Citationsy has many great features and tools on all of our plug-ins and add-ons. From our Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on, Edge Add-on, to our Safari Bookmarklet!
What does it mean to be Non-Chegg owned?
Did you know that the reason Citation Machine, Easybib, and CiteThisForMe all work so similarly is because they are Chegg-owned? (All owned and controlled under one company — Chegg). Since Citationsy is independent, it allows us to be individualized not only to ourselves but to users like you! This allows us to do things such as use user feedback to improve our site and prevent the site from being taken over by ads!
I can’t get enough of Citationsy! What should I do?!
We love your support and enthusiasm! Please follow us on all our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for more content and helpful daily citation and user tips. You can also email Citationsy’s founder directly – cenk@citationsy.com
Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Reach out to us at support@citationsy.com where a Citationsy Team Member can help and support you! We believe user feedback and interaction is the backbone of our mission and goal here at Citationsy.